Welcome to The Bunny Station Rabbitry!

Get to Know Us

Hi, my name is Emma Van Kesteren, I am the owner of the Bunny Station Rabbitry. The Bunny Station is a registered rabbitry located in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. I Started The Bunny Station Rabbitry on May 5, 2017. But I have had bunnies for about one year prior. We are proud breeders of Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. I love the satisfaction of seeing the happy new owner of my rabbits if it is to be a pet, breeder, or show animal.
I strive to produce show-stopping bunnies with amazing and dispositions. I breed to the SOP(Starters Of Perfection) for each breed and are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association or ARBA. Our rabbits are selected to be calm and affectionate for their new owners, a quality you can not get in a pet shop! We also strive to breed quality rabbits that can be shown or used for breeding purposes.
I have in our two breeds in my rabbitry we focus on one main colour each. Holland lops, in tri broken type and harlequin solid, Netherland dwarf, in Vienna and BEW, and Lionhead in Vienna and BEW. I am very picky about which rabbits we bring into our rabbitry and what kits we keep, they must be adding something to our program. All rabbits have had a specific purpose. All of our rabbits get the best care possible. They get regular exercise outside and treated like pets, not livestock. All of our breeding rabbits are placed in PET homes before they are five years old or are pets in our home. We do not let our babies go home before they are eight weeks old.
We hope that you, like many others, will have the opportunity of taking home one of our extraordinary bunnies!


Bunnies for the whole family

Our bunnies are raized around kids, dogs cats and more, they are handled and cuddled from day one. They are bred to have wonderful temperaments, all of our parent bunnies are carefully selected not only for their stunning looks but for a calm friendly temperament. We pride ourselves on producing bunnies that can be outgoing members of your family.


UP to Standers

As a breeder, it is important understand that we need  to work towards bettering the breed we have the opertunity to work with, not just making more of bunnies but better bunnies. That is why all our rabbits are carefully thought out and selected from our herd our a trusted proven rabbitry that strives to the Amarican Rabbit Breeders (ARBA) Standers of perfection (SOP). Our babies are evaluated and the best kit from each litter stays with us to keep bettering our rabbitry. I have studied the standard and colour variety religiously so that we are best equip to judge and evaluate our animals.