Our Policy

Reserving a Bunny

The reservation fee on a bunny is 50% of the total cost of the rabbit. If you have reserved a baby it must have stayed with its mother for 5 weeks before you can pick it up. After your bunny is 5 weeks old you have 3 weeks to come to pick it up or it will be up for sale again and your money will not be refunded. If you need more time and have a good reason I will let your reservation stand for an amount of time decided depending on the situation, and you will be charged $1 a day during that time.

After purchase

If your bunny gets sick or dies within a 7 days after purchase you will get a complete refund or a new bunny of the same cost. If at any time after getting your bunny you can not keep it anymore we will take it back no questions asked (Please note you will NOT be refunded) With every bunny purchased you will receive one bag of transition feed if you would like more after that it must be purchased.


  We can ship anywhere in Canada there is a fee for delivery and you can get a quote at request. 12 days after the bunnies are 8 weeks (when they are ready to leave their mother) you must come pick up your bunny or it will be put back up for sale. At this point you will not be refunded your deposit! 

Rabbit quality

Though all my rabbits are quality rabbits and are bred to fit the ARBA standard, they are not all equal, so you get what you pay for this means if you pay for a pet quality rabbit it will not be of showing quality, the prices are different for a reason. If you are looking for a specific quality of rabbit for shows please send me a message and I can send you more information and pictures. If I know a rabbit will not be showable I will be able to let you know. The more I know about what kind of bunny you are looking for more I can help. They may be over the weight limits, ears may not drop all the way or they may not have the correct coloring, if I think this may happen I will let you know.